At some point in time it has become normal for us to be more comfortable with polite automated voices and the push of our touch tone buttons. I even called a business recently hoping to just get a recording that I could walk through for simple information because I didn’t want to trouble them with what I considered a silly question.

Then there are other times–such as when I called the USPS trying to track down a package that they’d supposedly tried to deliver. The system wouldn’t LET me talk to a person, no matter how many options I tried. I needed a 30 second answer and instead spent five minutes punching buttons futilely on my phone and getting irritated.

So for those cases, I share with you gethuman. Patient souls have tried and tested; More patient souls have thankfully collected. You can sort through the business types and find out the tricks of the trade to get through to a live human being. It’s alphabetized: US Auto, US Credit…etc etc So hopefully should I need to find another package, I’ll call the number they provide and just keep pressing 5 til a voice comes on the line.