A friend of mine, who is one of the brighter people I know, is in an early education class as part of his Masters degree. Said friend has zero desire to work with small children after finishing said degree, but understands the necessity of the class. We talked about the mock lesson he’d given– working with first graders on the idea of fast and slow music. One of the criticisms he received was that he talked down to his students and he wasn’t sure how to work around that problem. As I’ve much more experience with wee children than he has (albeit on the preschool level), I suggested he approach it as such:

“Talk to them the same way that you would talk to me, but use their vocabulary.”

He thinks it’s a brilliant idea and the first thing that has made sense since he’s started the class. I don’t credit myself with extreme child-education knowledge but if it works for him, excellent.

I’m hoping to be able to take that same wisdom into the new job that I start soon. I haven’t dealt with teenagers/pre-teens on a regular basis since I left for college. I understand most of the current teenage drama—I think. I’m not really up on the latest films or releases on 103.5 (KTU or KISS FM–depending on the city).

Time for a new vocab lesson…except I’ll be trying to use correct grammar and complete words.