Rebate Blog–which points me to things that I didn’t know could be on sale but not I desperately want about 25% of them…points today to a tool I already own but highly recommend: the minimouse.

I purchased one from Target not long after acquiring my laptop from work. This was mostly about my sanity while designing. I know and have seen brilliant people with touchpads–I use them as a last resort and would not dream of the complex work that I do without a mouse.

The feeling was a little odd. Instead of my whole hand on the mouse, I really just needed two fingers and my thumb to anchor it. It plugs into a USB port, slightly annoying at times but usually manageable. I love it!! It saves me time and winds up easily and fits in my purse without being a nuisance. Considering the amount of schlepping I do with said laptop and powercord (wish that would up easily and fit in my purse too), it’s a must for me.

So go…get thee a mini-mouse. Also, check out the rebate and free after rebate blogs–for all the technological/software stuff you never knew you needed.