Rachel–if you read this, I’m sorry, I’m pirating your blog again….

So…Rachel Singer Gordon put up a couple of interesting posts this week about how the library blog world is rather small and that many posts and comments seem to be overlapping. She asked what “big name bloggers” that her audience reads. A light selection for mwah:

1. The Liminal Librarian
2. Free Range Librarian
3. LibrarianInBlack
4. Walt at Random
5. OA Librarian
6. Information Wants to Be Free
7. Librarian.net

Then there was her next post, about what blogs that we read that aren’t in the library world but that we use to keep up to date on information or other areas of interest:

1. Discovery.com News: The latest stories from Discovery, usually before they show up in the free paper I pick up when I have to work morning shows at the theater. Interesting, amusing, and all the latest from Discovery

2. Medscape Medical News: A year in medical publishing so engrossed me in the latest news of the medical world that I had to wean myself off of it when I relocated. Now, I just get my daily fix from the physician perspective (as opposed to the WebMD side)

3. Yarn Harlot: A knitting and insanity of life blog by a well respected author. She just spent a week remodeling her bedroom, complete with updates and pictures that every subscriber waited on tenterhooks for…. check out the burning sawdust–seriously!

4. Secrecy News: Release of information from the US government. I’ll admit this is often a “skim” blog–but I do like to see what’s coming out.

5. Running a Hospital: By the president of the BIDMC–who offers a new perspective into his job. A lot of the posts are interesting in their candid nature–whether lauding or criticizing. Occasionally heartwarming.

Hmm…and to tag a few people? Brian Gray and David Rothman—consider yourself dully nudged