During my last shift at the theater before a hiatus while I begin my “real job,” I was approached at the doors to the theater by a large family group. The youngest member of the family was about 18 months. I have a lot of toddler experience and, on occasion, find them more congenial members of society than adults.

The mother of said toddler instructed the child to “give the tickets to the worker…”


I suppose it’s an appropriate title–I was at work and was working but it seemed like an odd choice of words. I suppose that I tend to think of myself as “staff” while I’m duly ushing people around the theater. (And yes, I believe that “ush” is a complete verb)

It’s more complimentary than being called “the help,” which is evocative of servants and it defines to the child my role (usually to people that small I was “teacher”) but still, bit of an odd one

Have you been called an unexpected title?