Librarians are often such an internally focused bunch of mice, it seems. Personally I know I have days that I feel like the only ‘news’ I’m reading has to do with a book review or some argument between two of the better known bloggers.

This past week had its interesting ups and downs

LJ presented it’s 50 Movers and Shakers— congrats to those profiled on their continuing efforts!

SLJ had letters of complaint and a saucy avatar cover brought to the forefront of discussions. I couldn’t help but wonder if the School Media Specialists so vigorously complaining had read some of the graphic novels my roomie regularly brings home or had seen some of the more ‘interesting’ avatars I’ve bumped into in my occasional forays in SecondLife (hey–at least she wasn’t wearing a Cinderella princess dress–I’ve seen a few of those!) Is it bad that I slightly covet such a cool looking avatar?

WSJ had an interesting article about children and their perception of the library as a last resort rather than an information cache. I can only hope that in my new job I can drag the kids off the computers and into the stacks to find things beyond MySpace

I feel up to speed there–now if I could just find out more information about things other than the raging debate about Britney’s exit from rehab and sympathy votes for John Edwards….