After work today (threw my first kid out for the day around 4 p.m.) I had the chance to wander over to the Chicago-area book talk given by the very successful Yarn Harlot –Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. For those with a yarn addiction, she’s an incredibly funny woman who understands the knitting mindset, the need to knit, and the need to buy more yarn. Everyone else–she’s the published author of four best-selling books and she has a WICKED sense of humor.

It was refreshing to sit through her chat–I won’t call it a lecture. Stephanie is witty, funny, and obviously a ball of nerves when she gets up to speak. Stage fright makes for a better speaker though and we ended up with a lot of laughter.

There is something slightly underground and subversive about being a knitter. Though knitting has gained a lot in popularity, especially with the advent of Debbie Stoller’s incredibly popular groups, there are almost as many misconceptions about knitters as there are about librarians.

Misconception: All knitters are either grandmothers or “hip” yuppies
Reality: Knitters are all shapes and sizes and ages-youngest tonight was 7, and I’d say the average was between late twenties to early forties.

Misconception: Knitting is dull and tedious
Reality as I know it: Knitting is something to do with my hands–I may never be an amazing knitter but I love doing it. Most of the people I know who knit find it somewhat addicting. You focus, you create and the joy of giving someone something that you have personally created and spent time on–it’s amazing

Misconception: Only women and gay men knit
Reality: One of the sexiest actors I know, who is married to one of the most gorgeous women I’ve met, knits and asked me for a pattern I was working on. He’s perfect–so of course he’s married–and she’s wonderful. *sigh*…they’re going to have beautiful/amazing children.

It was nice to go out and enjoy a book lecture and I’d recommend it. It’s nice to connect with an author whose blog I enjoy…