I have a question for my general readership. When I was working in publishing (as in, up until I moved from NYC), it was perfectly normal for my coworkers and I to receive personal packages at work. We worked 9-6 (ish)-M-F and so couldn’t usually be on hand for our postal, USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex delivery persons. I was also living in apartments that didn’t have particularly good options for package delivery.

I’ve moved to a public setting now and while I’ve gotten approval to receive “occasional” packages at work–I still find myself in the same situation. Am I really that wrong to want the packages to come to where I am the majority of my waking delivery hours? Surely it’s easier on my UPS lady (we’re almost on a first name basis and this holiday season I’ll NEED to do something for her) than having to try and deliver two or three times without my being at home.

I really enjoy having things shipped–it’s just easier and costs less than the gas it would take for the same trip.

Do your companies let you have things shipped there? Why or why not?