One little complaint I have about my new job is that I keep getting shuttled to different people for information without actually getting information. It’s a matter of holding on until I can badger the correct person and find out what I want to know but still, mildly frustrating.

I’ve volunteered to write an article. It has nothing to do with my current place of work but will be appearing in a librarian newsletter. Because this is a new job and a library, I’ve been trying to find out the policy of the library on their professionals publishing. The librarians I initially spoke to didn’t know but recommended one of the department heads. He, in turn, referred me to my district chief. Her comment was “we like them to publish.” Great! And she wants to see the article…okay….

But I still don’t know the policy. Do I have to run everything past them? Can I do book reviews etc and use my affiliation without running it through committee? What kind of edits should I be expecting other than “don’t make the library look bad”?