So I’m almost through my first month at “new place of work.” I think I’m allowed to call it still, though I’m slowly beginning to settle into a complete lack of routine.

My schedule is still very tumultuous, though I’ve asked for more shifts that end in the 7 p.m. range. It doesn’t make sense to have me come into the branch at 9 a.m. when the vast majority of children using the branch don’t arrive until 3 p.m. I left at 5:30 tonight in the middle of a lot of chaos that would have settled by seven (and had last night). If I can swing a couple of those plus a regular closing night…I think it would be a good thing.

Tuesdays seem to be my day for meetings and away from the branch. Lots of meetings and running about. Today was two school visits and a trip to the district office–valuable time spent but it did take me out of my four walls. There’s a lot of organization that needs to be done still but I’m starting to make a dent in things that I think will be important. Did I mention that my trunk is full of tubs and baskets? I haven’t started taking those in yet–it’s going to be organization by stealth. Pay no attention to the Children’s Librarian with the baskets….

I have an article due in June but now I have to hop through a bunch of hoops–so that needs to get started NOW so it’s into the hoops in May and to the editor by June. I’m also hoping to get information about doing book reviews…