Before last weekend’s travel to the Poconos, I’d forgotten how well ingrained is the pattern of arriving at the airport, handing over my luggage to people I’ve never met (still a scary prospect), and then waiting for the opportunity to strip down and be exposed to foot germs.

I don’t travel by air much at the moment, but it used to be nearly often enough to take up Clear on their biometrics scanner offer, to let you hop through security a little faster. Anything to make security lines shorter, right?

You still have to go through the near strip-search that security has become (all jewelry, shoes, coats, laptops, etc etc etc) but without the line and possibly fewer germs? Time continues to be our health and money–even if it’s just the money in the time bank of life.

I’m not sure how I feel about the fingerprint/iris scan. Part of me has the obligatory knee jerk “big brother is watching” reaction. The rest of me thinks–well, I hand them my passport anyway, and my fingerprint is probably a more viable security check than that is.

If I ever am in the position to travel more frequently (and if they are able to expand it to more airports than are currently using it), I will consider it.

Source: Popgadget!