I know, I’m blogging up a storm today. I’m getting caught up on a lot of things this weekend– including a much neglected blog.

I carry this bag–created by the inestimable Curmudgeony Librarian. He’s one of those fabulous friends with whom I developed a relationship online well before we ever met in person. (Btw…we have met and shared a theater–but I think we’re still working on a drink.)

I’m always asked about the bag and it’s become a popular part of my wardrobe. A former coworker I had dinner with last night (I’d not seen her in a year) even mentioned it when I wasn’t carrying it. It’s been the provocateur of many conversations, particularly with fellow professionals who would like a bag of their own.

And while my mom doesn’t quite approve of the language…I think she wants one too.

For my next purchase…I’ve asked for some note cards with this theme.