Congratulations to Gary Price and his beautiful new wife!! Announcement of his marriage (along with pictures and film clips) has been sweeping the infoblogosphere. Everyone has been surprised–so at least I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know Gary was engaged.

It was interesting though to ponder this fact and think about how many people I know only in an online format and how much or little I actually know about them.

I have the bad habit of speaking about people whose blogs that I read as though I know them in person. I’m well aware that I don’t really know Karen Schneider, Meredith Farkas or the LiB but after a couple of years of seeing and occasionally responding to them on listservs or commenting on their blogs–I speak with authority, “Well, Sarah mentioned the other day…”

In today’s ago though, and especially in my current profession, it seems very normal to have a number of online friends. I’ve had phone conversations with a few of them, met a couple of them in real life, and have exchanged crazy stories with others. They’ve read my cover letters, let me vent, and helped me develop ideas. They are acquaintances, colleagues, and friends–just as people I meet “in real life” are…

It’s changed a lot from the Sesame Street perception of “Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?” but I think I like it this way.