There seems to be a tidal wave of change coming through the upper echelons of library service. Or maybe it’s just in the biblioblogosphere.

First there was Walt’s incredible announcement of his availability after leaving RLG-OCLC. This, as well it should, got a lot of press and will hopefully lead to a successful and beneficial position for him and whoever is lucky enough to have him.

And then today I get home to Karen Schneider, who earned my respect via listserv long before I began reading her blog, and she’s not at her job in Florida anymore. She’s available for teaching, presentation, workshops, and all sorts of other wonderful things–but is staying in Tallahassee. Holy Hotdogs Batman! I feel like she just barely got unpacked.

While I sincerely hope to celebrate bright futures for both of them and applaud their open job hunting efforts, I’m also reeling. Major changes in the lives of people I respect and I’m sure these changes will affect in some way their blogs and listserv participation etc etc.

Or maybe it’s just going around– my roommate just told me that four/five people are leaving from the theater where she works, another person I know announced last night that he terminated his position. Is there something in the air or water?