I am consistently amazed by the unflagging ability of many people to mispronounce the general title of the building that I work in. The first “r” in the word is completely skipped—OFTEN. By coworkers, patrons, random people, it’s universal. These are the same people who can unfailingly manage to handle personal names from a multitude of ethnicities. And unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand what I’m correcting when I say the word back to them with the actual pronunciation.

My sister recommended that I invest in this shirt. Perhaps it will be a more subtle but effective cue? Some people wouldn’t notice if I had it posted on the side of a Mac truck.

I also think this t-shirt (on being full of useless bits of information) describes my rather fractured little brain too well. I mean, does anyone else really care that the longest word typed entirely with the left hand is stewardess or that Shakespeare created the word “Majesty” (among others)? What’s a useless fact you know?