If it weren’t enough to be totally in love with LibraryThing (see my sidebar on my blog if you usually just read via RSS), I also recently bought a CueCat.

I just upgraded this evening to a lifetime membership for LT. Probably the best investment I’ll make this year, because it gives me the opportunity to go through all of my books and evaluate them while I’m scanning them in for posterity, insurance, etc etc etc. It also means that I can point my mother to it and she and my sister can scheme for what they’d like to add to my collection for any upcoming birthdays. That is, of course, if my 13 page Amazon list doesn’t give them enough ideas.

I plugged my CueCat in for the first time this evening and immediately thought there was something wrong with it. It wasn’t behaving like the scanners I have at work. Hmmmmmm….off to the CueCat Help Forum that Tim so thoughtfully put together. Ah-ha! Under a posting duly entitled “Duh!” I find a link to a tutorial on how to use your CueCat and suffer a moment of feeling like an idiot when I realize it works like a scanner pen–you have to move it across the bar code on the paper. I was waving the cat over the bar code and getting frustrated.

So now, I can scan all of my books in and maybe wreak a little bit of order to my bookshelves.