Being rather dissatisfied with local adult summer reading program– I’m hopping heading first into the Online Summer Reading Program that the Weird Librarian set up for us!

My goal for the remainder of the summer–WL when’s that end date?–is to get through and review at least 10 books. Granted, this probably means you’ll all be subjected to my reviews of a couple of cozy mysteries and some romance novels (ducking the pie that just got flung at the screen…) but there should be some good stuff in there too. I’m just about to start the Biography of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell. If my laptop makes it safely home from New York software updates I’m going to listen to a couple of other Gaskell books also. Having some issues with the desktop computer at the moment but that’s mostly between me and Microsoft….

If you can, consider joining! It’s good book reviewing practice and at least here we get to pick what we’re reading.