I am seriously looking forward to tomorrow. Finally, the Harry Potter saga will be (at least in book form) complete. The last book will be out, we’ll know if Harry survives or not, all the questions you hoped will be answered, I hope they are.

I can’t get into the Harry Potter series. I read the first book mostly to make sure I understood the pop culture references (these days one does need to know the definition of Muggle and Quidditch). I didn’t find it in a style that I enjoyed and would happily have moved on forever–but for some very determined college friends. I was giving up too soon, they pleaded, as they beat me over the head with hard cover texts. So I duly got through Books 2 and 3. I remember a Thanksgiving early evening, looking at the third tome with the same enthusiasm as I looked at my political science required readings and being told that “really” it got better.

After the third tome I set Ms Rowling’s works down and moved on to other things. I only have so much life on this earth and I can’t read everything. And while Heaven may have the largest library of all for me to pour over, until then I should at least be somewhat discriminating in my choice of reading material.

(Stop giggling–just because I might have sneaked a hurried read of Julia Quinn‘s latest while our clerk was prepping it to go on the shelf…)

To each his own enjoyment of whatever fiction or non fiction appeals but having survived the “Welcome Back Harry Potter” program that I did with another children’s librarian (a much bigger fan) on Thursday and just needing to get through the program tomorrow at her library will be enough for me.

Would whoever finishes reading it first tell me who dies? I skimmed the NYT review and I couldn’t figure it out.