As every good professional should (IMHO), I keep abreast of current jobs that are on the market. My former managing editor constantly advised the young professionals that she worked over that it was imperative that we keep a current resume available. This was not due to any disloyalty to the company for which we worked but because you never knew when an ideal and unexpected opportunity might arise.

And while I’m probably not the ideal candidate for this particular job, I thought it was too cool not to comment upon.

Librarian/Archivist at Gunston Hall Plantation, 18th Cent. Home of George Mason

I think that sounds like an incredibly amazing job. The plantation is in Virginia and the job description includes the following:

“Maintain collection of rare books, manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs, and maps relating to the life of George Mason and life in colonial Virginia according to archival conservation and preservation standards.”

Idealistically I imagine this job to afford puttering about a large plantation library, looking through shelves and drawers of documents from pre-during-post Revolution and trying to imagine what life must have been like. Wandering through rooms and the lands of the plantation. I have this wonderful sense of immediately being immersed in American history, just driving to work every day. And that’s just from a rather short job title and description posted on LisJobs. If you actually check out the library information for Gunston Hall, it’s even more impressive.

Isn’t it an amazing profession we work in that we have opportunity to take on something like this? If you’re qualified, I hope you’ll take the time to apply and let me know if it’s as exciting as it sounds.