I’m slowly developing a hedgehog collection. I bought my first hedgehog stuffed animal in college at a Hallmark near campus. It’s a beanie baby, Prickles, that has since been duly retired.

Since then the collection has mostly grown by gifts from my mom–who has an amazing ability to track down cute little plush animals for me. I now have a “big” hedgehog, about ten inches high, with a place of honor on my bed (it beat out the elephant collection, at least for the month) and some smaller ones that mostly hang out on my desk. My favorites she recently found–a matched pair about three inches high–with purple (on one) and blue (other) “prickles” and noses. They’re sooooo cute!!

Yes, I’m nauseating.

But the object crossing my desk today was a little odd. A Hedgehog ….CD case.

While I suppose it could be useful for the car, I just don’t think I’m QUITE to a point where I need to put my CDs in a hedgehog. Particularly when I don’t know how many it would hold. Knowing the seive commonly referred to as my short term memory–I’d probably forget what I had in there too.

Anywho…Via PopGadget.