Today was quite a lot about trying to determine if we had another copy of Beast by Walter Dean Myers (we do not) or Jamaica Tag-Along by Juanita Havill (we went through all four today). It got to the point I printed up a neat list for tomorrow’s crew specifying in detail which books we did NOT have. There won’t be a children’s librarian there tomorrow so I imagine it should save some time digging fruitlessly through the shelves.

Seriously! I got abrupt at one point when I got yet another “shelf check” call from another library (something else that ONLY professionals are allowed to do–stupid in my opinion, the pages know the shelves as well or better). No, for the 13th time today, I don’t have another copy of it.

Of course, it’s not the calling librarian’s fault. I blame the parents who’ve had these lists since June. Granted, I’ve been putting P.D. Eastman’s Go Dog Go on hold all summer, but we also had that as a play in one of the parks as well as it being on a reading list.

It would be nice if the schools would send us the lists so we had some idea what to expect. Maybe then I could have gotten a couple of extra copies of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, instead of calling three branches today to try and determine if they had it. (When all of your Mouse/Cookie stories are out, you know there is trouble brewing.)

Ah well, the week is over and I got the correct prescription in my glasses today, so I’m legal to drive at night again. I’ve never until now quite so appreciated the ability to read street signs.