Continuing to follow On a Claire Day as the title character has started work in a public library. Today she “feels dumb” as her coworkers talk about literature and philosophy. I have to wonder, what library is she at?

Perhaps she means my personal philosophy on the necessity for keeping one’s voice low enough the entire building need not share your conversation and sitting with all four legs of the chair firmly on the floor. Or my belief in enlightenment through homework that has to be done tonight anyway, so you might as well go ask the Teacher-in-the-Library while she’s here. Possibly my decorative posted literature on the requirement of one person to a computer so that we don’t have herds of young tweenagers huddled around online videos and social network name calling.

So far today I’ve futilely attempted to explain why a history of the name “Henry” that appears when one types in “Henry (Last Name)” doesn’t mean that said person is related to one of the first German kings and more successfully explained why Native American tribes didn’t live in three story buildings with glass windows but those weren’t really literature or philosophy.

And then there’s the recurring conversations on why certain Anglo-Saxon words are not acceptable language in the children’s section. Also, the Spanish word for black used in the colloquial fashion.