I really really really shouldn’t be allowed to go yarn shopping unsupervised. Preferably by my roommate. Who takes my credit card away from me, puts half the stuff back on the shelf and …

So there are two new and rather giant bags of yarn in my living room, the majority of which I will never knit.

I’m starting a knitting circle for the kids at work. Class size is limited to ten, they have to be over the age of 8, and I’m only doing it for the next month. But since my kids are not particularly financially endowed and heaven only knows I don’t get a supplies budget, it was off to JoAnn Fabrics with my cash to get some knitting needles and yarn.

I’m starting them with Caron Wintuk, which is a 100% acrylic that’s a few steps above Red Heart insofar as how it feels. I have this slight addiction to really good acrylic and also 100% merino wool. This stuff I picked more because it was the bright colors that appealed to me as a young knitter. Choice based on “Look! It’s ORANGE!” (of the Day-Glo variety no less) probably isn’t the wisest way to choose yarn for projects but hey, you have to try everything once.

So now I have another 7 sets of needles that had better follow someone else home and two bags of yarn that will not be coming back to this apartment after tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck–I expect that Miss Hedgie’s going to end up stabbed with a knitting needle next week if she’s not really really careful.