I’m late to Blog Day. Sorry…last week was insane and I’m still digging out from the piles of leftovers that I kept saying I’d deal with “after I get back from New York.” This was one of those things…

Anywho Blog Day 2007

Five Bloggers Who I Find Interesting:

1. Discovery News Always interesting news from a scientific perspective. After all the current news that I read it’s cool to see what the last thing coming in archeology is or a new discovery about birds.

2. The Yarn Harlot– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s chatty and amusing blog about knitting. The queen of knitting humor offers advice, hope, and the trials and tribulations of being a knitter, spinner, author, mom and more.

3. Research Buzz— Tara is always on top of her game, calling out descriptions of the latest thing to hit the block and finding new ways to make reference a little easier, or at least more interesting. Always lots of neat links in her weekly rss or newsletter.

4. Librarian In Black — Sarah is fabulous! Her stuff gets marked “unread” over and over in the reader so I can go back and enjoy what she’s pointing out as a new tool I should be aware of.

5. Shelf Check — the new library cartoon. Wit, joy, and pithy tackling of everything facing the library world du jour. Lots of fun!

Happy Blog Day (waving a small flag)