I dress rather boringly. I’m in a professional position and I work with children. Add to this that I no longer feel the need to see how many people I can freak out with magnetic jewelry and eyeliner art on my face (although–really–that was fun) and there you have it–dreadfully dull the majority of the time.

So neutral slacks and a colorful but reserved top are kind of par for the course when dressing. Today it’s ice cubic in the building so I’m in a relatively heavy sweater that I’d not planned on dragging out for another month.

And then there’s one of my regulars. Nice guy though I don’t really interact with him often. Late teens/early twenties. Computer functional although literacy beyond social networking is questionable. A couple of inches taller than I am, he’s slim but not scrawny, and has neat cornrows that stick out at the bottom a couple of inches.

He’s wearing jeans that are an undefined number of sizes too big that swim around his legs–making him look lost inside. The bottoms of said jeans are hoisted up (probably with rubber bands–I haven’t asked and getting close enough to look wouldn’t be discreet) to look like they are elasticized. I can see almost all of his pristine white socks (adorning what now look like the scrawniest ankles ever) and have a lovely view of relatively normal black sneakers. It reminds me of the “court wear” they put on the guys for Three Musketeers–only those were satin puffy pants and the guys were in period dress. (Kind of like this–but the pants were a little longer–less calf, more ankle)

The rest of his person is dwarfed under a white button down that looks like it almost fits and a dark XXXX-L jacket that pretty much swallows him whole and hangs off his shoulders like a really dumpy cape.

While I’m sure there’s meaning behind all of it, or perhaps emulation of a rap artist that I’m unaware of…he looks like a marshmallow on two toothpicks.