In less than five minutes, I renewed the plates on my car.

I knew it was coming up and for whatever reason had this miserable vision in my head of standing in line at the DMV, waiting through tons of people on my day off, and of course it was going to be hot, sticky, boring, and amazingly stupid. [For some reason the DMV in my imagination is not near food places and doesn’t have air conditioning–which the DMV in reality does.]

I got home and the renewal slip was in my mailbox. Oh right! You can renew by mail. Fantastic. Popped it open–I can renew online! Even better! Getting to a mailbox is a bleeding nuisance these days.

What a fabulous use of our online tools. It speeds up the process exponentially, which allows the DMV to spend their employees’ time on people who need extra assistance as opposed to me–who would just get crabby and irritated in line.

The only thing I don’t understand is a processing fee that is paid for paying online. It’s worth the $1.75 to mean I don’t have to fill out the form and mail it nor stand in line–but shouldn’t they be encouraging people to do it this way? Errors could be caught faster and things should be processed more quickly, so why charge people to fill out the online form?

Anyway–it’s done and it’s one less thing on my mind.