As I’m packing for the move to LaCrosse, WI– it appears to behoove me to get all of my books into my LibraryThing. I should quantify that statement–all of my books that are in my current apartment. I can’t speak for the ones at my mother’s house just yet. Those may have to be confined to boxes until I can get them CueCatted in. Perhaps a task for Sibling-the-Elder whilst unpacking?

I’m making slow progress though on getting things entered. If you have a look in my library right now you’ll see quite a lot of romance novels, a healthy stack of comics, nearly everything fictional that Tom Clancy has written by himself (not those horrific “Tom Clancy’s Net Force” things–bleah), a tall pile of Barnes and Noble Pocket Sized Classics (perfect for the purse and subway!!), and some miscellaneous other stuff.

I still have two bookshelves to go–there will be more, I promise.