One of my kids at work is seriously into juvenile SciFi. I didn’t realize this (he doesn’t read *at* the library…) until the day the new Harry Potter came out. Or perhaps it was just 48 hours later when he was bringing it back finished.

He’s bright and in the 4th/5th grade range. He’s also, thankfully, open to new authors. I’d seen a Carole Wilkinson book on the shelf on a day he was in recently and he grabbed it with enthusiasm. Then a recommendation came through on a children’s lit blog that I read for Donita K. Paul (I’d send you to the blog but the post is long since archived.) and her “Dragon” series. I’d actually put them on hold for myself and had them sent from around the system. He came in to return the Wilkinson book and looking for another, but we don’t her newest one yet. So I was pleased to instead give him one of Ms Paul’s books (which truly, I’d gotten in thinking of him) and Cornelia Funke’s Dragon Rider.

I’ve also, because of him, gotten into Erin Hunter and the Warrior Cats. I finished Into the Woods on Wednesday and I’m about halfway through Fire and Ice. I’m not sure the rest of the series will live up to the first book but it’s fun quick reading and helps to pass the time and allow the brain to rest. You should be a cat fan, I think, to enjoy these.

Meanwhile, the furry little dingbat that lives at my house has discovered that she fits rather nicely in a large fabric shopping bag that was laying on the floor. For a while all I could see was nose but she’s stuck most of her head out now. Crazy cat. I took a picture and if I ever get the film developed–I’ll pass it on. (Yes, I have a point and click that requires *choke* film.)

I’d brushed up on my Babymouse this summer requesting books for one of my regular girls. It’ll be interesting to see what my kids get me into next.