Today’s Quizzes are Courtesy of Peter…who, because he’s not really into blogs or anything like that, won’t know unless I sit him down in front of my laptop and explain why I keep some weird public journal.

And I got the same result twice…must be telling me something šŸ™‚



You are every one’s favorite furry bouncing blue beast. Just as comfortable performing feats of physical prowess as you are disserting on Dostoevsky, you have a body strong and agile with a mind to match. Oh my stars and garters!

Which X-Men Character Are You?

Which X-Men character are you most like?

You are Beast!You are brilliant and extremely clever. You can handle almost any problem swiftly and efficiently. You are devoted to philosophy and are always up for a good discussion. Sometimes, though, your anger gets the best of you and you upset those whom you care about.
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