I’m guessing the blog is going to be painfully neglected for the next couple of weeks. I leave my current position in three weeks and am planning to move to Wisconsin two days later.

As yet, I have 8 boxes of books packed. That’s about it. I do not yet have an apartment, a moving truck, or an official moving date.

I’m about a week away (I hope) from getting a new design contract, I am busy with both of my current contracts, and today I agreed to take on a major research assignment. The clock ticking for delivery of what will probably be a very important presentation is will expire in 16 days. It might involve me flying to Washington DC–if I can figure out how to squeeze that in.

Also, trying to see all of my friends here before I leave and finish at least three knitting projects–mostly so I don’t have to move them.

So if I’m quiet, please just understand that I’m running pedal to the metal.