I do apologize. I was with M for the weekend and I forgot that I was supposed to have a quiz for y’all’s enjoyment.

Countdown to end of my time at current library: 3 days. Moving in to the new apartment: 5 days. Percentage of stuff packed: 15% (if I’m lucky)

But in between picking out my china pattern (finally and if you get a cream or white option–I want the white) and establishing that I do need a china elephant creamer (apparently he’s worth about 5 times what I paid for him–cool!), I have managed to scour out an appropriate quiz.

Your Score: Dixie Royal

You are 87% true Southern!

You are pure belle or gentleman! You know your Jones Soda, Nehi and RC colas, your Moon Pies and sweet potato pie; you’d absolutely die without air conditioners in the summer, and you’ve seen Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes (or read the book!). Your grandmother lives in an antebellum home and has a cook who makes the best fried chicken and asparagus casserole and summer squash and everything else in the world. And you know the taste of honeysuckle and the feel of grass between your toes.
You are blessed.

Link: The Southern-ness Test written by gwennykate on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test