Live from LaCrosse, Wisconsin–it’s the Hedgehog Librarian!!

With the help of Sibling-the-Elder and Mother-the-Incredibly-Patient, everything in Chicago was packed, loaded into a truck, and we set off for the bluffs. Only to have the car break down. That would be the car that broke down two weeks ago. Apparently the repair job that was done was not of a quality that it should have been. AAA will be hearing from me, as will Midas. Also, I have a rather lengthy note to send to U-Haul as to why, based on their customer service, I cannot imagine renting one of their trucks again. Truly, if you need a truck, use Penske and give me a call. I have the cell number of a guy who can help you.

With an apartment complex recommendation from one of my new coworkers, I had rented an apartment sight unseen. Walking into it was a pleasure. I have a truly spacious and lovely place with a balcony overlooking the bluffs and a bus stop less than a minute walk from the front door. I see myself becoming the bed and breakfast for many a friend who needs to escape, regroup and enjoy a little view of nature. At least one is already planning a trip.

Things still feel rather unreal. Because it’s a first time alone, I had to go out and buy a lot of things that my roommates have always had: microwave, toaster oven, wireless router. This only adds to the unreal feeling because “I” don’t own these things, therefore someone else obviously must.

Anyway, I’m back online, my desktop computer has been fixed (Thanks to ex-roomie’s current bf) and I might catch up on email this week. Maybe. Right, who am I kidding.

Off to fix another pot of tea.