So while I should be unpacking, going to the grocery, and doing other useful things, I took a few minutes this morning to track down an old friend.

Isn’t it amazing what this interweb of ours does? I’ve not seen Jr. H. since the summer after we graduated from high school, though we emailed a couple of times early on in college. We were close friends in high school, sharing most of our classes and each of us with an older sibling two years ahead of us. His sibling and mine were voted “Most Likely to Make a Million Bucks. ” Between us there was a congenial rivalry for class position, though neither of us were ever really in the running for valedictorian.

I went to New York and he went to one of Indiana’s top uni’s and that was pretty much it. He’s not on Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn (as near as I can tell), so I went to Pipl, ZabaSearch, and ultimately just hit up Google. As a result I got an address current to 18 months ago and— his wedding pictures.

I suppose it might be slightly voyeuristic of me to browse through said pictures, decide his bride is beautiful and note that he hasn’t changed very much in the last 8 years (not something I can say for all of my classmates!). But I think it’s cool! In just a few minutes I can find out the region of the country he’s been living in and that he is a newlywed. Still can’t find an email address but I figure we’ll both show up at the ten year reunion to exchange those. Whereas even two decades ago I might need to scour phone books or just wait for those reunions (no one goes to the five year–truly), I can satisfy my curiosity about an old friend unobtrusively and over a cup of tea.

And if you find this–searching for me–Congrats to you and Mrs. Jr. H.