Time to make a few additions and refreshers to the vocabulary. It happens every time I make a major move. Honestly I was in New York for so long I don’t really remember what the words I learned there were–outside of the obvious like kvetching, schmata, and that the “City” is Manhattan Island only while the “Island” refers only to the portion of Long Island that is Nassau and Suffolk County (Queens and Kings/Brooklyn counties don’t count.).

Refresher vocabulary

Kitty-corner: diagonal, usually on a street corner. Also known as caddy corner.
Fortunately my mom used this when I was growing up, so I knew what that meant.

New vocabulary:

Stop-and-Go Lights: Traffic lights.
I got very confused. Stop-n-Go is the name of a chain in Illinois. I think it might also be a store somewhere else, maybe a grocery in Iowa? I keep thinking they are referring to a store that I’m supposed to turn at, rather than just the stop light.

Coulee: The Valley region that makes up the La Crosse area.
There are lots of things around here labeled “Coulee.”

I’m sure I’ll say something in the next month that will have a slightly different meaning than my intention but that makes life interesting!