Amongst my friends, I’m generally known as the one who will send on the “50 questions about you” forwards. The Blonde sends on the happy fuzzy emails involving angels, kittens, and girl power. My former voice teacher sends on all of the warnings (most of which I Snopes back to her). The bawdier forwards come from just about everyone in my inbox.

But now, I’ve started getting short and usually bawdy jokes via …text message. So far, I’m not a big fan.

I’m a fairly regularly user of texts, it’s how my-friend-the-lawyer and I primarily communicate and I’ve learned from years of experience and utter obliviousness to read the disasters sent by the Blonde. I recall fondly one text that I understood without question on first reading–but when I reread it later I realized it was neither coherent nor really comprehensible. Amazing what the brain can put together when functioning on more than one level.

Could I put out a request though that if you’re going to text me–let it be from you. I get excited when I see a message from the Brunette (The Blonde’s “Will and Grace” counterpart) and then it’s a forward. Yuk. Plus, I know that most people have text message plans but not everyone does and some people a) have to pay when they get messages that they can’t block and b) can’t tell who they are from if it doesn’t say in the message.

This has been a public service message from the HL. Happy Halloween!