It was Day 2 at LAXPL today. I got my library card! I also started taking things in to decorate my desk. I have my own desk that I can clutter up as much as I’d like.

So there’s a hedgehog there: this guy from my mom. He’s very adorable. Along with that is some Diddl Maus stuff and two very cute animals from coworkers. All I need are some plants to round it out as well as an overstuffed pen cup and a dish of sugary pick me ups.

It’s incredibly nice to have my own space there at work. I think sometimes we don’t value personal space enough, yet even at CST they understood the need that everyone have a little two feet square of space to squish something into and leave it during the show. Here though, I can decorate and acquire cute things. I see myself taking tons of pictures with friends and liberally sprinkling my desk with them. Perhaps it’s time for a new family photo…hmm– my siblings may disagree with that.

It was also benefits orientation day. What’s that you say? I actually had something involving an HR rep and orientation on various benefits? I was provided with detailed information about retirement account monies, health insurance, prescriptions, and things like that? I was? What a novel concept. It was 3 hours but you know what– as my managing editor would say when she sent us rather unwillingly to hear about the updates– that’s a big reason of why we work. To make money and to attain these benefits. Very glad to have that orientation today, even if my head is reeling just a touch.

And I think I’m going to be taking up Runescape. I’ll let you know when I burn my first shrimp.