Getting back to that Publib usefulness-today someone emailed this news story describing how a Florida library patron discovered a 1-800 number** in a Magic Attic book leading to a sex phone line.


As soon as I saw this I realized that I had happened to pull a couple of those books today and had them on my desk. I hit print for the article and rounding up one of my aides set about rectifying the article. The printout was useful with everyone coming over to inquire why we were ripping pages out of the back of these books (perforated–they’re supposed to be removable).

Branch staff has been alerted. Makes you wonder what else is lurking on your shelves.

**Veracity of phone number actually leading to a sex line has not been tested. I’d rather err on the side of caution on this one and I didn’t think it would be an easy call to explain to the library director.