I’ve never really explored podcasts, despite their increasing prevalence. I tried, briefly, to catch the daily NPR update but it wasn’t particularly captivating and I was invariably trying to catch up on the rest of my news feeds and so didn’t really make good use of it.

Those listeners I’ve known to be most successful in implementation of regular podcasts are subscribed through I-tunes and have a medium length commute on which to listen to said pods. I have an old version shuffle somewhere around here but haven’t ever downloaded I-Tunes.

I’ve always argued for RSS that to make someone a true adopter you have to find something they are legitimately interested in. So, I’m trying a dose of my own medicine and I’m subscribing (via RSS) to 3 knitting podcasts. If I can sit through the same Yarn Harlot videos on YouTube over and over and over again, perhaps these will spark some similar interest.

It’s holiday knitting time again and I’m undertaking probably far more than I should. But that’s kind of par for the course. The current goal is to turn on a podcast and see how much I can crank out during that 30 minutes. This, of course, assuming my computer will be cooperative in letting me download or stream. It’s been having some issues regarding that.

Are there any podcasts you think I should be listening to?