I am leaving for Chi-Town. Going to my massage therapist’s for Thanksgiving (now how often do you get to say that?).

It has been an incredible year full of many blessings:

Health– always an under appreciated thing when we it’s good.

An incredible learning experience in my time at Chicago Public Library.

A new phenomenal job at La Crosse Public Library.

A family that has supported me through all of it–including moving me. (Much thanks to the Incredibly-Patient-Mother and Sibling-the-Elder)

Friends who have been there for all of the late night drama, midmorning coffee breaks and sanity saving emails/blogs/ims.

Freelance work that has let me be independent enough to take a lot of risks.

A roommate who understood that I had to make a change. Thanks for sharing Dinah with me.

And many more…

May you have safe travels and have a wonderful day tomorrow. May the food be excellent and the company enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving.