I keep starting what I feel will be great and epic and meaningful posts. And then either the real world in the form of my job kicks in, or I collapse in a pile with a podcast and my knitting needles, or I get distracted and make a quick bread mix that I can’t eat alone. Guess that’s going to work with me tomorrow.

So let’s see, goals of the month

1) Write for 15 minutes a day.
Failed bloody miserably. Haven’t dug my journal out in well over a week, let alone worked on things I’m supposed to be doing. This is not good.

2) Start listening to podcasts.
Have discovered yet another way to feel behind, because I’m trying to listen to older episodes before I dive into the most recent. Great for while knitting, not so great for catching up.

3) Finish unpacking
Still at least two five-shelf bookshelves and a small filing cabinet short of that. And I still have more stuff at my mom’s– frighteningly.

4) Get holiday knitting underway
Have managed to finish one of the major projects I was working on, made decent progress on another one tonight, working on a third. So far, so good.

5) Christmas cards
They’re written, they’re enveloped, they’re waiting on postage that the USPS refuses to ship even though it’s available in one business day. Anyone else having this problem? I’m calling them tomorrow.

I was allowed to start my first acquisition order today. Not bad for a girl who hasn’t yet hit 30 days. More on that separately, I need to do a post on my shopping spree.

I found an incredible portable hard drive that I am going to buy–after the next paycheck or so. 🙂 It looks like a flask and will be a very very useful little business expense. I need to back up those databases somewhere. Thanks Popgadget!

I started a new Bzz Campaign. BzzAgents do word of mouth marketing in exchange for getting free stuff to try out and getting points that are then either turned into things like a Nalgene bottle that Roomie inherited (I really didn’t need 3) and donations to various charities. Right now I’m checking out a Sonicare toothbrush. I’m a big fan of it–definitely helps with the “just left the dentist” feeling and it makes you brush an appropriate amount of time. If someone else is doing the timing, I’ll brush as long as I’m supposed to. I’m hoping for positive results from my dentist in the less plaque and healthier gum areas.

I was going to go on a rant about who I think should be teaching the next generation of library students and how much experience I think those teachers should have before walking into the classroom. But then it was reinforced to me that the person sending me off on this tangent wasn’t worth me getting my knickers in a twist over.

So instead I leave you with the knowledge that I have the coolest director on the planet: tonight she dressed up in fleece jammies and dragon feet slippers to read Jack Prelutsky’s poems at an elementary school. It was quite a wonderful time.