I might, just might, have a guilt free weekend this weekend. I will be able to go to knitting guilt free tomorrow. I’m kind of caught up on my databases.

Holy popsicle sticks Batman!

I’m perennially behind, often because I don’t want to open the databases and stare at a computer screen after a day of staring at a computer screen. I meet deadlines, I get things done and truly, I enjoy the work that I do but my is it hard some days to get things done. I’d like to learn more about database design if it didn’t always involve sitting in front of a computer and trying to make myself learn (a) and (b) I need someone to beat me over the head about it. My IT head has rather pledged himself in the role of taskmaster but I’m going to have to chase him down and really get started on this stuff.

It’s interesting doing freelance work. From an emergency money perspective–it’s awesome! I’ve been living on my paycheck and having the money from my freelance money for fun and crazy things as well as emergencies that crop up out of nowhere (like the car dying at 3 a.m. while I was over at a friend’s house). I need to get to where I’m budgeting better for that but now that I’m not planning another major move in the next twelve months that should be a little more reasonable. From a working with cool people perspective–it’s totally there. I work for people I like and with whom I can have phenomenal conversations. We squeeze in the work too but between Sweeney Todd with California and insane extended families with New York… it just makes for a much needed variety to the every day. From a tax perspective, it kind of sucks. I automatically deduct 30% of every freelance check I get and put it into a savings account that is then used for quarterly taxes. There’s a relatively large sum of money still in there that I was hoping could go for interesting things but running a preliminary federal estimate, it looks like it will be going to the federal government instead. They don’t warn you about the self-employment tax, which really gets a hedgehog. It’s a lot.

But all in all some extra cash to buy more yarn and fix the little green car when it has issues. So while I’ll enjoy this weekend, I’m glad to keep doing what I do.