Recently, I volunteered to share the plethora of places where I grab job information. This is not an “I’m job hunting” announcement. I’m happy at my current POW. But it’s often been pointed out to me that you never know when that ideal job will come and you certainly don’t know the state of the job market unless you keep a casual eye on these things. In this day and age of RSS aggregation and incredibly detailed job search agents–it’s a lot easier than it seems. If I don’t have time to read it–select all and trash. If I see something interesting, I read through the job ad and wonder if they’d consider my resume. If not, it’s a good way to figure out what I need to be doing next.

General Job Sites–Use the Search Agents!:

Yahoo! HotJobs

I use these with a grain of salt but you can hone the search agents pretty finely. Then when it kicks something to you, you know it will be worth your while. You can also put your resume on these sites.

Library Jobs via Email:

HigherEdJobs (search agent)
Jinfo (Uk Jobs Mostly)

Library Jobs via RSS:

Combined Library Job Postings (from the amazing Sarah at Library Job Postings and incredible Rachel at LisJobs)
ALA Job List (can also do an RSS search agent)
Chronicle for Higher Education
SLIS Career Feed
Metro Magnet Career Center (NY region)
ACRL/NY Events and Jobs (Boston region)

Other recommended places to look–but may not have a feed/email:

Local Consortia in Chicago Region (NSLS, PALS, MLS )
State Public Library Listservs (e.g. WisPubLib (general emails but also job ads)) (random stuff pops up here) (Not a job site but has much useful information)
Specialized Libraries Lists/Sites (e.g. Medical Library Association Site ; SLA )
Employment Resources for Librarians (haven’t used this much)
Association of Research Libraries
Library Associates (Job Placement Firm)
LJ Classified
C Berger (Job Placement Firm)
News Jobs

Finally–I recommend you read the recent post by the Well Dressed Librarian, whose just undertaken a full time job hunt. He’s got some great points and tips.