Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair
by Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl

I started reading this book yesterday at lunch. Within fifteen minutes I was suppressing so much laughter that my coworkers stopped to ask what I was reading.

Perry takes a blunt and honest walk through the months following her divorce. Seemingly without censoring herself she describes the random tears, feeling alone, and trying to cope when the life vision she had for herself suddenly fell apart. Honest about drinking too much, eating too much and having four cats, Perry doesn’t pull the punches but lays out the raw emotions.

And she’s incredibly funny.

The book is a bit like watching a train wreck–but it gets better, she doesn’t just stay drunk and depressed and watching her pull herself back together and find some meaning to her life– and coming to knitting 🙂 helps. It’s not just hanging the dirty laundry out like some books I’ve read–there’s something that nearly anyone who has had a broken heart can relate to and enjoy as they contemplate getting back into the dating scene and realizing that it changed when you were a “couple.” (Dating via text message anyone?)

A quick and enjoyable read.