Ladies and gentlemen I’m getting this not-a-meme from Walt Crawford. That’s right–you heard it here.


So according to Walt, I’m supposed to take the first sentence from the first post of each month for the year. Reviewing from being a freelancing girl who kept the rest of the bills paid by ushing, getting a library job that was quite the challenge and then relocating, yet again. It’s been busy!

January: Happy 2007! Another year gone and I’m going to be misdating my checks for a while.

February: This sounds very easy and a good way to nominate a public librarian who has had a big influence in your life.

March:I was directed via one of my listservs to a new social network: Library 2.0 as created by Bill Drew.

April: A couple of weeks back I sent a note to Lynn Johnston, the creator of For Better or For Worse.

May: There will hopefully be a few new eyeballs on the blog this week due to an inservice that I attended today.

June: As I sit here and try to write about my last job hunt (relocating from NYC to CHI) and the evil world of cover letters, a friend reminded me of this outrageous college application.

July: If it weren’t enough to be totally in love with LibraryThing (see my sidebar on my blog if you usually just read via RSS), I also recently bought a CueCat.

August: So technically I have two more days of wrap up and then a month of cleaning up and out and filing paperwork on every book that every child ever read ever.

September: Sorry I’m running a day behind.

If you happened to be on Clark Street this evening the little hedgehog flying north on the back of the shiny new motorcycle was me.

November: It’s November 1–somehow, amazingly, and it’s time for NaNoWriMo.

December: It’s taking a lot of yarn these days to keep me going.

Hmmm…at least October sounded like a good month 🙂
Don’t make me ush you….I will require that you remain in your seat until all actors have left the stage and you are not in danger of being run over by a tall Canadian (or New Yorker–depends on the aisle) with a sword.