The hedgehog has the hiccups**. Nasty violent ones that involve full body shudders and mistyped words with each one. It’s a good thing I type fast and use spell check.

What a lovely holiday! My only traffic snafu was fog on the way to Chicago and drivers on the bumper who thought I should be exceeding the speed limit by far more than I was. There were moments of doubting the sanity of other drivers as we drove through patches of pea soup. Other than that though, I missed the snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow on La Crosse and instead spent a few days in Indiana–where we had a 40 degree Christmas.

It was awfully nice to be home, curl up with the family and find things to laugh about to the point of inability to breathe. Few people can make me laugh that hard anymore, but Sibling-the-Elder, Sibling-the-Younger, and the Incredibly-Patient-Mother do it every time. I also had a chance to prove my ability to still do a pretty decent job with trivia games.

With a full car, I returned yesterday (nine hours and a numb posterior later). I’m now the proud owner of a purple elephant massage toy with heating/ice pack. If you can say that one three times fast, you’re doing much better than I am. (Hiccups, you know) The Incredibly-Patient-Mother outdid herself yet again, I could never possibly have expected that. Just for clarification–that is NOT my elephant on Ebay, that’s just the only picture I could find.

I’ve nearly finished a pair of fingerless mitts for a chum. They’re toasty and as soon as I can figure out how I screwed up the thumb on one of them (I didn’t but I have to redo it anyway), they’ll be off. Off course, all of this holiday knitting has rendered me utterly unable to just sit. I don’t–I can’t. I took knitting to a holiday gathering and finished an old project of said mother’s because I needed SOMETHING to do with my hands. So much for sitting quietly and looking demure. Fortunately, my Godfather didn’t judge and IPM just handed over the needles and yarn and watched as I turned out my 29th washcloth of 2007.

Well…I recommend the comments posted to my Christmas Wishes post. Jennie left me chuckling for quite an extended period as well as possibly discovering a new need for more bath stuff. Did you get any “you smell, have dry skin, and need better lighting gifts?” I admit to giving soap, a blow dryer (at request), and many washcloths.

More library stuff soon, lots of things coming in 2008. Just enjoying the midweek, still unpacking and holiday cheer.

Happy Week Between Christmas and New Years!! (Hic)

**These hiccups are sponsored by an out of sync breathing pattern and having nothing to do with beverages of an alcoholic nature. Please remember to breathe responsibly.