One of my very favorite stores is Hallmark. I have spent fond shopping time wading through the cards offered and chuckling over their offerings. Friends can attest I tend to buy individual blank cards in bulk and keep them for just the right occasion–or no occasion at all other than I think you need something in the mailbox besides bills and junk mail. And I probably tried the patience of ladies who were working the day that I pretty much sat down on the floor in front of the non-romantic Valentine’s cards and read thru everything they had to offer but at least I help keep them in business, one pile at a time.

But purchasing said cards usually then leads to sending of them and for that I do need the United States Post Office’s assistance and postage. And while I’m doing more shopping online and less waiting in the inevitably long and slow moving lines at the post office (why are they ALWAYS long and slow moving?)–I still do try to get cute/pretty stamps. So it was exciting when Docuticker pointed me to the 2008 stamps previews last night (scroll waaaaaaay down).

I think I’ll be getting a bunch that have the Lunar New Year or Old Blue Eyes. And it looks like next Christmas will be nutcrackers. I’m sure the Botticelli is lovely in person, but I just don’t think it translates well to stamps and I’m not quite photogenic enough to want to put myself on stamps.

On a side note–I didn’t like this year’s Christmas stamps, even if they were supposed to invoke “knitting.” There so much more to knitting than teddy bears and intarsia. There’s obsessive compulsive mitt knitting. 🙂