I should have known better than to wear a wool sweater for story time. By the time we finished a rousing round of “Head and Shoulders” (only the first verse, sung faster and faster)—I was feeling rather toasty. During the Stop and Go Chase I got downright overheated. I now remember why we wore t-shirts when I was teaching pre-preschool parent participation play and music classes.

It was my first story time at LPL and it’s nice to get back into the swing of things. I had age appropriate children (gasp), interested but reserved parents (I asked them to let the kids answer–they did!), and a really great book about a not-blue dog. (Dog Blue by Polly Dunbar)

I started with a deliberately easy theme–colors. They are easy to talk about with children, there are colors quite literally everywhere, pre-schoolers recognize colors and can “own” a color–only one boy in orange today. It’s a little harder when not everyone has a cat, aunt or hedgehog.

I won’t say I was an unqualified hit–but I think they’ll come back next week.

Happy New Year!