I’m not a big fan of posts consisting of nothing but links– hence why I only have one feed in my reader that is someone’s del.icio.us links du jour. But I’ve run across a couple of things and I wanted to pass them on.

Local Harvest — Brought to my attention by knitting podcasters Lime and Violet, this is a site that allows you to purchase locally grown, raised, created products. By local I mean within the 48 contiguous states of the United States. (Sorry Jennie–no version for you yet) They brought it up because it’s a neat way to get yarn and wool. Since I’ve just gone on a bit of a yarn binge to make projects for my massage therapist and to donate some to an upcoming yarn event at my POW, I won’t be shopping anytime soon. There are numerous categories and you can choose your area to find locally grown fresh foods! Check out the shop tab at the top. You never know when you’ll really want Kumquat Marmalade.

Jamieson and Smith Yarns — Not a new yarn store by any means but new when it comes to me drooling over it. They have a ton of gorgeous Shetland yarn in a wide variety of colors and I’m shocked at how reasonable the pricing is–even for shipping. Again, I just bought lots of yarn, no more for me for a while. But go do some drooling for yourself. Anybody know who carries it in Wisconsin?

RetailMeNot — I’d heard of BugMeNot, but don’t really use it all that much. This gives the option to gather coupons from around the web and find relevant ones at that last minute of needing something from a chain store without digging through last month’s pile of recycling because they won’t take me off their mailing list. Even better–they have it as a Firefox Plug-In, so I don’t even really have to think about the site–I just pop open a new tab, plug it in the corner and tada–coupon or knowledge that I’ve not missed one. Fabulous!

And finally–perhaps a move in the high def DVD wars? Check out the WSJ article. I don’t have an opinion–I’m aware of what the technology does but I only have “regular” DVDs and a “regular” DVD player and I’m not looking forward to having to upgrade my computer DVD drive and buy another DVD player. I’m kind of hoping the BluRay/HD will end so I can at least know what I have to buy in the future. Bad enough I have to eventually get another CD player for mp3 CDs.