It’s a limited number of people who might recognize this one…but I’ll put it out there just the same and perhaps someone can find it.

I’m looking for one of my favorite (in high school) romances.

She’s a math professor and I’m not sure what he does. Their fathers, deciding that they’ll never get married, negotiate a contract between the two of them. To try and prove how annoying the meddling is, the two take it into their own hands and decide to send the contract back and forth with edits. The woman is initially delivered the contract by an elderly retired judge who is in on the scheme. She goes over to the guy’s apartment and confronts him.

He makes rum cake at some point. She’s got a Kappa something or other, some kind of high math award that means her mother has given up all hope of her making some kind of alliance. There’s something about a feather mattress–a hot pink feather mattress as memory serves.

At the near end they have a huge blow out and the guy goes to the fathers to plead how to get her back, as by now they are of course in love. They end up reconciling at her niece’s christening.

So, if I have such near complete recollection of said book– why do I want a copy? To re-read.

Hopefully, someone else will recognize this and send me a title. Or maybe the Incredibly-Patient-Mother will find it on a shelf and send a copy this way ? It might still be at her house…. It also might possibly be in an unpacked box. Should that be the case, I will update with a title and author.