When I first started using Google Reader, I didn’t really pay much attention to the “Share” option at the bottom of each post. Other than accidentally hitting it, I wasn’t using it to “share” with the world–I didn’t figure the world cared that much about what I was reading.

With the upgrade that Reader made a while back, I still didn’t really think much about using it. Google Reader skimmed the addresses book of my Gmail account and synced up my shared with my email inbox. Again, I don’t share much so even the outrage this created with people not wanting everyone to see what they are sharing didn’t really faze me.

While I understand wanting to be selective in what you’re sharing–the option before this version seemed to be “share with the world” and now it’s “share with the people you already email.” Hmmmm…. reading the article linked above, it looks waaaaaaaaaaay too complicated trying to figure out how to reorganize so some people see stuff and others don’t. Personally, I’m going to hold to the same rule I do for my blog: If the Incredibly-Patient-Mother would have a strong objection…

But I have found a few interesting surprises that are pleasing about the share option. My-Friend-the-Lawyer is into house music in a big way. I enjoy it but can’t keep up with it the way he does, so instead I’m occasionally pestering him for names of who I should be listening to. Add Google Reader Share and a half dozen feeds with house mixes that he already subscribes to and tada! Now he just marks whatever he thinks I’ll enjoy and we’re off! This is also how he alerted me that, yes, I could now order Pizza Hut via my cell phone. While I doubt that will be happening any time soon–I can’t remember the last time either of us actually ate Pizza Hut pizza but still, I’m up to speed. (Personally, I still prefer ordering pizza online when I need my half black olive/half bacon fix.)

Similarly things have been trickling in from Sibling-the-Younger (gadgetry stuff mostly), David, and a couple of other friends to whom I can’t give link love.

Anyone else had interesting experiences?

Afternoon update: Apparently lots of people are interested in what’s being shared–Shared items are now their own blog. Thanks to the Lovely Lady of Research Buzz!